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Who doesn't love warm chewy, just out of the oven cookies? For most people, the smell of fresh baked cookies has a warm, comfortable feeling. It hearkens back to our childhood. Or at least a childhood we'd all like to think we had. No one really had the Cleavers for parents, but it's nice to think our parents gave it their all. A plate of warm chewy chocolate-chip cookies and milk waiting for us when we arrived home from school was enough to make me race home and forget about playing in the playground after school was over. For me, it's oatmeal raisin more than chocolate chip, but I can whip up a batch of Chocolate Chunk Cookies in a hurry if called upon.

Like most things, it all depends on the chocolate. I don't use the Chipits, I use Lindt Dark Chocolate cut into decent sized chunks, so they soften, but they don't melt. I like the cookies to be a little more on the cakey side than the thin chewy side, but if I'm making up several batches to take up north for the weekend, I'll do half cakey and half chewy, just to make sure everyone has their choice. Last summer I started Riley off on her first bake in the oven batch of Chocolate Chunk Cookies, she had made some "no bake" cookies earlier in the summer at camp, so this batch was her first real batch of home made Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and they were a hit! Riley is my cousin's grand-daughter, the next-next generation as it were.

Having had an "off the boat" Scottish grandmother, baking scones (pronounced like prawn, not bone), and shortbread are simply a right of passage and were pretty much something my mother and Aunt could do by the time they were 8 or 9 without recipes. Again, much like with my Great-Aunt Vi, this was all well and good until it was time for me to learn. By that time, my Grandmother's memory was fading quickly, my mother was already gone and my Aunt hadn't made either in years herself. After my Grandmother passed away I was able to find her recipe box and managed to cobble together something resembling a recipe and have come up with in her later years what my Aunt said was "pretty close to what Mum use to make", (hers, not mine). So I'm satisfied with that. I'll use these recipes to pass along to the next generations on the Scottish side of the family, and I have written them all down so they won't get lost in time again. I've already started Riley off with her first recipe book, 8 isn't too early to start collecting favourite recipes. You never know when you'll come across one you want to save for a later date. And as well as her first Chocolate Chunk Cookies and cupcakes, she also made her first authentic Scottish Shortbread made from her great-great-grandmother's recipe. That's a lot of greats. Photos of Riley's efforts are on the Teach page.

Most of the cookies I make are for the Holiday season, so the photos are on the Holiday Season gallery page.

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