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Pies, tarts & and anything else that I may try to make in the future that involves pastry.

Butter Tarts

Traditional Canadian Butter Tarts made with 100% real Canadian maple syrup. This pastry was made with lard and flakes up nicely. When I make the butter tarts I add raisins to half of the batch because not everyone likes raisins. I'm a traditionalist so I believe they should all have raisins, but I'm not baking them for myself, so I make concessions. However, I never make concessions where the maple syrup is concerned, no corn sryup for my tarts, only 100% pure Canadian maple syrup will do. There is a distinct difference in the taste, anything less will not do.

Spicy Pumpkin Pie

I love a pumpkin pie with lots of clove and nutmeg. The darker the pumpkin the better, in fact this almost looks like a chocolate pudding pie. The strong spices cause a slight burning sensation in your mouth that can only be cooled by the 100% pure whipped cream that I always serve with my pumpkin pies. This pastry was made with Tenderflake lard.

Mincemeat Tarts With Holly Garnish

I decided to make these for my friends' Christmas Treat Bags a couple of years ago. I've always loved mincemeat and it seems to be fading from popularity as time goes by, so I thought I'd do something different that year. I baked them up, froze them, and by the time my friends would have been ready to eat the tarts, they would have thawed out and been nice and fresh. Warmed up they're even better. A scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side is good too. The holly garnish is actually just pastry I added some green colouring to and then I used one of my many fondant cutters for the leaf shape and the red center was just some icing I had left over from decorating cookies.

Apple Pie With Butter Pastry - Thanksgiving 2016

This was the first time I had used my Grandma Daniell's recipe for pastry that used butter as the fat rather than lard or shortening. And I have to admit, it turned out great. It was easier to work with, rolled out perfectly, was a bit stretchier, had a nice golden topping and was a little bit sweet which countered the slight sourness of the apples. I made my own apple filling, I do not buy canned fillings if I can avoid it. The fall is a great time for fresh domestic apples of all sorts, so why use something from a can if you can get fresh fruit and add your own fixings? You control the sugar & the salt that way.