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My efforts in the classroom and some of the things Riley & I have made. Hopefully you can see some progression in my abilities over time. My early efforts weren't much, but they were still a lot better than they were before I had taken any classes, so I was impressed with myself. Riley is already doing better than I had after weeks of taking classes, she has a keen eye for colour combinations, something I always struggle with. Too much geek, not enough artist I'm afraid.

First Final Assignment

This was one of the cakes I had to decorate for the first course I took when I was taking the Wilton classes. It actually has a lot going on now that I look at it again. Basket weave on the sides, Wilton Roses on top, rose buds, petunias, leaves, twisted rope at the base and piped letters with no typos. 6 years later it looks terrible, but I was pleased with myself at the time.

The Stars Are Out Tonight

This was also for the Wilton Cake Decorating Level 1 course. We had to cover a cake with fondant and then apply more fondant onto the covering layer of fondant. The idea was to attach (stick actually) fondant onto fondant. I guess I got a little carried away with my cookie cutters, but I think the Leafs were winning that night.

Riley Piping

After having mastered baking the cupcakes, it was time for Riley to move onto the fun part, decorating the cupcakes! I wanted to avoid the bad habits most kids learn, so I decided to skip the "use a knife and glob it on " method, and go straight to the piping techniques I had learned in the classes I had taken. This was her first time using the piping bag and she did a great job. Side note: everything she bakes with me is from scratch, no mixes, no short cuts. It's harder, but it will make her a better baker in the long run, and stuff always tastes much better when you add that extra effort.

Authentic Scottish Scones

As I mentioned on the Home page, this is the recipe I cobbled together from what I had and what my Aunt Jean, (Riley's great-grandmother) was able to remember of what her mother had taught her. Which makes this my grandmother Glover's scone recipe, which makes it Riley's great-great-grandmother Glover's Authentic Scottish Scones recipe. It's old, because no doubt Grandma learned it from her mother and back through the generations for who knows how far back, with improvements being made along the way. Grandma came from Scotland after the Great War in the early '20s, I'm not sure exactly when, but this recipe has been around in Canada for nearly 100 years already! That's old for the new world, not so much for the old country as she used to refer to it. Riley is just adding the egg wash to make the tops nice and golden.

Floral Bouquet

This entire bouquet is edible. It's made out of gum paste & fondant and is designed to be used as decoration on a cake. It is edible but it doesn't taste very good, so I wouldn't recommend it. This was from my Flower Design course offered by Wilton. I still have it, but the colours have faded over time, they're very fragile so it's pretty amazing neither I or Scully haven broken it yet.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Riley's first batch of my much loved Chocolate Chunk Cookies. She took a plate full of still warm ones, down to the dock and they mysteriously disappeared. I guess everyone liked them.

Monochromatic Cakes

The lesson was to decorate a cake using a monochromatic colour scheme. The carnations were made from a gum paste/fondant mix then dipped into colour dust to give the edges the pink tinges

Doing It The Hard Way

Anyone can use a mixer, but you get a better "feel" for the batter and when it's "ready" when you do it by hand. Judging when the batter is ready to be poured into the tin is based on how thick it feels, it's colour, is it fully blended, are there any lumps? Getting your wooden spoon in there and stirring it around yourself is the best way to answer these questions, and then after a while you won't need to do this, you just know. But for now, I'm making Riley get in there with her hands and mix it up a bit.

They're Done

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting. All made by Riley. She's learning to read recipes, figuring out the measuring spoons, dry measure, wet measure and she's a natural at separating eggs. I'm still working on it!

Easter Cupcakes - 2017

We made up a double batch of carrot cake batter, so there was enough left over for Riley to make these beautifully decorated Easter Cupcakes. She chose & mixed the colours herself. This was her first time working with colours, and I have the feeling we aint seen nothing yet!

Easter Bunny Carrot Cake - 2017

An Easter Bunny made of carrot cake. In keeping with my insistence that Riley learn everything the hard way, we grated the carrots by hand. From now on we'll use the food processor, and take half the time to make the cakes. It tasted great and she did the decorating herself. She mixed the colours, used jujubes for lips, the grass tip for the inner ears and piping gel for eyes & whiskers.